Mission and Values

March Family Foundation Mission

Inspired by our Christian faith, the March Family Foundation seeks to partner with organizations that provide care and development for children and youth, enhance theological education and formation, and support those who work for justice and mercy in our broken world.   

March Family Foundation Values

The March Family Foundation (MFF) is a family foundation birthed out of its members’ collective vision for a better world.  This vision is shaped and formed by our Christian convictions, and is defined as a world where all human life is valued as having infinite worth.  Regardless of socio-economic status, gender, ethnicity, or race, we believe every human being is valuable.  However, people often aren’t treated this way, because our world does not function the way that it was originally intended.  As we strive to make this vision for a better future a present reality, the following four values guide the particular ways the MFF feels compelled to work towards change in the world.

Justice: The MFF strives to make the world a more just place to live.  We desire to live our personal lives in ways that promote equality and justice even as we partner with organizations who do the same.  Because injustices are often either perpetrated or perpetuated by dysfunctional systems or societies, we believe fighting for justice requires working to change systems and structures.

Service: The MFF values sacrificial service because it is a concrete way of expressing love.  When you serve someone, you communicate to them their value as a human being.  You affirm their dreams, their hopes, and their passions for life, and then you help take steps towards achieving them.  It also provides meaning and purpose for the one doing the service.  Both the giver and the receiver benefit from sacrificial service, which means service isn’t something the ‘haves’ give to the ‘have-nots.’  It’s a way of life that is committed to expressing our love for one another.

Compassion: The MFF defines compassion as the act of pulling an individual out of suffering and pain that might otherwise destroy them.  In contrast to justice which fights for systemic change, acts of compassion are defined as those things that rescue individuals one life at a time.  This might look like rescue from personal addiction, abusive relationships, or a dangerous community.  In all these situations and more, the goal of compassion is rooted in this desire to rescue an individual from circumstances that have the potential to ruin them.

Healing: We believe in the importance of emotional and physical healing for those who have experienced suffering in their lives.  We have all experienced relationships or situations that have left us scared, and overcoming these past hurts does not happen automatically.  We all have to engage in habits of health that lead us on a journey of transformation.  The goal of this journey is healing from the brokenness we have experienced.  We believe that healthy individuals are more resilient to pain and better able to succeed in the world.